Stop extreme abortion law coming to Liberia

Ask Senators to remove the extreme abortion section in the Public Health Bill

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The Public Health Bill is currently before the Senate.

Under our current law, abortion is allowed in exceptional circumstances – where the mother’s life is at risk, rape/incest/felonious intercourse, and disability of the fetus. These are rare situations.

The Public Health Bill includes an abortion section that will scrap our current law and replace it with an extreme law that allows abortion, for any reason, on demand, up to when the baby in the womb is at 14 weeks gestation.

It has been estimated that this change from allowing abortion in exceptional circumstances to allowing abortion on demand would lead to the lives of up to 40,000 babies being lost to abortion in Liberia every single year. 

This data demonstrates that the abortion section in the bill would introduce a very big change to our legislation here in Liberia and would directly lead to the death of thousands of innocent babies through abortion in Liberia.

The Swedish government and other foreign NGOs have been creating and funding organizations in Liberia (particularly the Amplifying Rights Network) to lobby for the legalization of abortion. Foreign Government interference in the democratic process of Liberia is totally unacceptable and a form of neo-colonialism that you must reject.

Please take action and contact senators to scrap the extreme abortion section in the Public Health Bill.

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